Assalamualaikum & selamat datang ke ruangan Sya MunCit..Ini kisah hidup Sya, suka duka dalam mengejar impian,suka duka dalam persahabatan & percintaan..semoga hari kita sentiasa indah (^_^)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Just For You

Since the first day we met, 
I knew it was love, 
God answered my prayers, 
you are here for me... 
You gave me your heart, 
and taught me to trust, 
for the first time ever, 
it was more than just lust. 
Your sweet loving words, 
are not to be compared, 
but i'm glad, 
because you treat me well,
you bring something new in my life,
Every day I wake up, 
with a smile a mile long, 
I know that we are solid, 
I know that we are strong. 
that is why i won't betray our love,
So never put into question, 
and never ask me,
how much that i love you,
because i won't lie to you,
my feelings being true, 
because I have found my one and only, 
And I will always love you..
although we are far away,
i will always waiting for you,
to light up this love,
with all your heart...

i love you,
today, tomorrow and 
for the rest of my life,
insyaALLAH.. :)

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