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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Death of Hope

I wish i never met you..
and i wish i never know you even in my dream..

i wish i never wrote a stupid poem just for you,
i wish i never told you how much i love you..
how much i miss you..

i want you before..
i left everything just to be with you..
i broke many hearts just to make you happy..

i realize that life must go on..
i should not stick at one place like a stupid person
wishing you are here..
wishing you will be here..

leave my heart,
leave my soul,
leave every single thing about me as a whole..
why you hurt me so badly??
why you??
this was never supposed to be..
then please leave me alone..
stop caring about me because i don't need your sympathy..

You never loved me,
you just making fun of me,
if you really love me,
then you should have caught me when i fall for you
for the whole 5 years..
Now.. my love for you is lying dead
at a bottom of dark trench..

i hope you hurt as much as i do..
 i hope your guilt eats you alive,
and you grasp what was lost..


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