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Wednesday, 21 March 2012



Being a good friend doesn't mean you have to stick around with your friend 24/7..
doesn't mean you have to know all about your friend's private things..
doesn't mean we have to hang out together every weekend,
doesn't mean we have to take a picture together everyday..
seriously NO!
i'm saying that because for me sometimes,
 when a friend is far away from us, we might be having a difficulties in sharing daily problems or maybe daily gossip..
it's all about time and distance.
maybe, when we are still in school life we can share every single thing with our friend,
we can share about our love affair,
about our family and even our problems to deal with PMS..
but as the time move on..
everything will change..
only a true friend will be staying beside us,
being very supportive and understand what happen to us,
but it doesn't mean that we don't love our friends,
doesn't mean that we are forgetting them,
because, if we get the time to hang out together,
then we will know that, there's no changes between us,
i just hope that i will be a very loveable friend for all my friends..
being a trusted person to them,
being such a great friend for them..
and i hope that they will accept me just the way i am, 

To all my friends :
years may pass and times may change,
but i know you will be still the same,
being by my side, like always you do!
we may be staying apart,
and not meeting each other as often as we used to,
at  times we can't even call or drop a line,
but i want you to know that even then,
i feel i never too far away from a friend like you,
because as time pass by,
there's one thing that will stay the way it is...
it's our friendship..!!

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