Assalamualaikum & selamat datang ke ruangan Sya MunCit..Ini kisah hidup Sya, suka duka dalam mengejar impian,suka duka dalam persahabatan & percintaan..semoga hari kita sentiasa indah (^_^)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

fake smile

I'm hiding behind a fake smile,
But its something I used to.
I'm done it now for a while,
Smiling for real is something that's not easy for me to do.
I'm always acts like my life is pure bliss,
But the truth is,
Everything is going wrong,
I only acts happy to help myself stay strong.
Everyday I holds on the tears I wants to cry,
I acts like a normal teenage girl.
When there is really so much pain hidden inside,
it's really unbearable..
Forgetting you is the hardest thing I will ever do
But for you is like I have never been there
You took my heart out of my chest
And left me like a dead soul
I can do nothing
With this pain love,
I'm hoping someday all will be fine
Or I will conquer this pain of love..

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