Assalamualaikum & selamat datang ke ruangan Sya MunCit..Ini kisah hidup Sya, suka duka dalam mengejar impian,suka duka dalam persahabatan & percintaan..semoga hari kita sentiasa indah (^_^)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

I-City Shah Alam

15 September 2012
A few month back, my classmate suggested going to I-City for having some fun but unfortunately, we need to cancelled the plan due to some reasons.
But, at last we manage to go there and a very special thanks dedicated to my beloved friend because drive us to there. He's cool and awesome ( he should be smiling if he read this ) HAHAHAHA.. :P
I'm happy and seriously happy when i reached there!!
my eyes can't stop looking here and there.!

the place is decorated with colourful LED light which makes the whole area illuminated with colours at night
I-City, the City of  Digital Lights.. and trust me it's so much to do and see there because i think it's the city of attraction in Shah Alam and the first lightscape tourism destination in Malaysia with LED technology showcase. 

Ijat buat muka psycho..hahaha

Perut Buncit! ahaha :P

pose maut Biola Putih :)

The awesome one

The Cute one

It's me!

Double Chin :(

Bring along your camera when you decide to go there or you will regret it!

Ps : sorry,
Gambar Opy n Syafiq takde,
sebab diaorg jalan berdua jer..
hihihi.. :)

Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Membaca..Sila Tinggalkan Komen Anda :)

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